Vastushastra – An Investment in your happiness, peace and success

What is Vastushastra? 

Vastushastra is an ancient Indian metaphysical science. Literally Vastu means premises which could be residential, industrial or commercial and Shastra means science. Vastushastra is the study which helps to receive blessings from the Lord of Nature and at the same time protect us from the demonic forces in the homes we live in. Basically, Vastushastra is a tool to ensure harmony with nature. 

As per the ancient scriptures Vastushastra is defined as a science that synchronizes the balance between human life and nature. Vastushastra is based on The five basic elements, The natural directions and sub directions, sun rays, geographical conditions, electromagnetic and gravitational forces of the earth, universal cosmic energy emanating from the planets in the solar system as well as the atmosphere and its influence on human life.


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History of Vastushastra 

What are Vedas?

Vedas are the ancient Indian scriptures that vividly describes all aspects of human life, the laws, and regulations to be observed to enable man to lead a happy, healthy and prosperous moral life.  

The earliest reference to Vastu shastra is found in Atharvaveda in the form of Sthapatyaveda. Sthapatyaveda deals with two aspects of Vastushastra. These two aspects are respectively Muhurtamartanda and Structural Engineering.  

Muhurtamartanda serves as a guide to all the rites and rituals such as worship of land, structure, worship, carried out while entering the house for the first time and the holy installation of the ‘Vastu Purusha’. These rites and rituals are also seen to ensure ‘Happiness’ and ‘Prosperity’, given an astrological aspect. 

‘Structural Engineering’ considers various aspects of the structures from a variety of engineering points of view. In modern terms, it means architecture and civil engineering of the house. This is a vast subject which includes analysis of land, construction parameters and even the system of selecting suitable material for the purpose.  

Vastoshpati is considered as the God of the house. 

The art of sculpture was created by the sage Kashyap. House (Vastu) is one of three important parts that he has mentioned within this art of sculpture. Vastushastra is not only education about the structure of human residence but also temples, palaces, forts, victory columns, town planning digging of wells, machines made up of iron and wood, weapons for war as well as idols.  

References to Vastushastra are also found in the Brahmana literature such as in the Rigveda and Atharvaveda. Mayamatam is one of the best references books that are available on Vastushastra and is one of the most important reference texts on Indian Vastushastra.

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How do Vastu defects affect us? 

Vastu defects lead to quarrels, intense arguments, lack of concentration and focus and deterioration of children’s studies, extra expenditures, financial losses, obstacles and stalling of work, etc. 

Vastushastra supplies a way to mitigate these problems effectively. Therefore, one-time expenses on Vastu analysis should be considered as an Investment for a better future. This would get the Vastu defects controlled and reduce the harmful effects. 

Also, one must note that 100% Vastu compliance is not possible in this modern world due to many constraints which are beyond our control. 

We should effectively try to maximize the positive gains through remedial measures which are long-lasting and economical in the long run. 

Vastushastra – Not an Expense but an Investmen

It is a fact proved by the ancient Indian Vastu Science that any Vastu whether it is owned or on a rental has an influence on the inhabitants which is why people have now realized the importance of getting their existing or proposed Vastu analysed properly by an expert Vastu Consultant. 

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Why is it necessary to get your Vastu analyzed by an expert Vastu Consultant? 

Irrespective of the size of a place, every Vastu has eight directions and five elements. The Vastu defects are caused by the positioning of these elements in the house and invariably have an adverse effect on the residents of the house. Although these cannot be seen they can nevertheless be felt within. Hence, it is necessary to get the Vastu analyzed by an expert Vastu Consultant. 

What constitutes East-West Vastu? 

Majority of the people often describe that their Vastu is in the East-West direction and hence ideal. However, this is a major misconception. There are about 9 important factors that must be studied to analyse the Vastu of a place properly. The location of the main door, kitchen, bedroom, toilet, bathroom, the centre region, the cuts, prayer room and similar other factors must be studied. There are eight directions, and all these directions have an equal role in deciding the effects of the Vastu. 

It is therefore not proper to describe the Vastu as East-West. It is necessary to make a thorough analysis of all the factors to arrive at a proper conclusion. 

Some major misconceptions about directions! 

There are some misconceptions about Vastu, one of them is whether one should spend so much on Vastu analysis?  

Considering that we spend a fortune while buying a new home, if people just go by the area, beauty and artistic attractions and choose a wrong Vastu, then they may regret. However, if they choose their home based on the principles of Vastushastra and make proper internal arrangements based on it, the rest Vastu defects can be minimised by remedial measures suggested by a Vastu Consultant. 

A home worth lakhs of rupees may be just 40-45% positive. However, if you spend a few thousands on Vastushastra Analysis and remedial measures, the same home can give upto 95% positive results on you and your family. 

Structural demolitions in any existing structure means a lot of time and money, but Vastushastra provides you easy remedial measures without any demolitions and at affordable expenses. 

Know more about Vastu from our Vastu Consultant Deepti Advankar (contact details given below)

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